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Code of Conduct for Athletes

As an athlete I will:
• Respect the rights and dignity of everyone involved in athletics and treat everyone equally.
• Uphold the same values of sportsmanship off the field as I do when engaged in athletics.
• Cooperate with anyone involved in sport in the best interests of other athletes and myself.
• Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of banned or inappropriate substances.
• be responsible for my needs including being organised, having the right kit and being on time.
• Inform my coach of any other coaching I am seeking or receiving.
• Always thank the coaches and officials who enable me to participate in athletics.

When participating any athletics activities, I will:
• Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others.
• Not swear or use abusive language and bad behaviour including acts of violence, bullying, harassment, physical and sexual abuse.
• Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others.
• Respect venues I use and will leave them as I find them.
• Never carry or consume alcohol or illegal substances.
• Never carry items that could be dangerous to myself or others.

To ensure safe participation in athletics, I will:
• Notify a responsible adult if I have to go somewhere (why, where and when I will return).
• Never give private information unrelated to athletics to anyone.
• maintain boundaries between friendship and intimacy with a coach or official.
• Never accept lifts/invitations into homes without the consent of my parent/guardian.
• Report any accidental injury, distress, misunderstanding or misinterpretation to the Club Welfare officer as soon as possible.
• Report any suspected misconduct by coaches or others to the club welfare officer as soon as possible.