Code of Conduct for Junior Athletes

As an athlete I will:-
* Respect everyone involved in athletics and treat them well.
* Be as good when I am not training as when I am doing athletics.
* Help anyone involved in sport like coaches and volunteers.
* Be good to other Athletes and always play fairly.
* Make sure I have the right kit and am on time for training sessions.
* Always thank coaches and others who have organised sessions.

When involved in athletic activities, I will:-
* Always show good manners.
* Not swear or behave badly.
* Look after venues I use and leave them as I find them.
* Never carry things that could harm myself or others.

To maintain safety, I will:-
* Tell an adult if I have to go somewhere.
* Not accept lifts or invitations into homes without the my parent/guardian saying its OK.
* Tell an adult of any accident or injury, as soon as possible.
* Tell an adult if I see anything wrong or people behaving badly.