Welcome to Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club

Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club is a grass-roots club for people of all ages and abilities interested in road, cross country, trail, fell, multi-eventing, walking, track and field competition and/or just keeping fit and healthy.

The club in its present form was established in May 2012, and is now one of the largest clubs based in the North West of England. Training is based at St Michaels High School, but uses many other venues in and around the Chorley area.

The club welcomes any new members of any ages and ability, and is renowned for being a very friendly club and having some very good regional, national and international athletes.

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Latest training information here - ALL TRaining is cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Rivington Pike and Good Friday Message Every Good Friday thousands of people choose to celebrate Easter by visiting Rivington Pike on Good Friday. Each year UU support this day through the provision of staff on-site, toilets, litter collection, etc. However this year we want to persuade people to not visit the area to avoid so many people being in close proximity to one another with the present coronavirus situation. We are in the process of contacting Silcocks who bring the fayre to ask them not to come and have been in touch with UUs comms dept to try and highlight the issues. Any help people can offer to spread the word would be much appreciated. Thank you and best wishes. Hazel, United Utilities
Please follow this link http://www.chorley-athletic-and-triathlon.org/web4/covid-19.php to view the latest statement about COVID-19 impact and club membership.
England Athletics have advised that all formal athletic activities (racing, training and meetings) should be postponed until at least the end of April 2020. Your club is following this advice and so all training sessions are cancelled with immediate effect. Sorry for the bad news.
As a result of the perceived threat from Covid-19 to our juniors and coaches, we have taken the decision to close all junior training based inside immediately. This includes Fundamentals and Foundation sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the moment training that is based outside will continue, but please do not attend if you are in any way unwell. We have a committee meeting on Wednesday18th March where we will consider what measures we will have to adopt going forward.
As a club we need to look at the current Coronavirus and other illnesses very carefully.

We need to ask all athletes and parents if they are feeling unwell in anyway to not attend training or large events. This is in line with England Athletics and Public Health England.

There may be circumstances where we may need to cancel training and events at short notice. So please look out for messages on our website/Facebook/What’s App.

Hopefully this won’t happen and we hope everyone stays fit and well.

If in doubt then follow the guidelines set by Public Health England.
Over 100 runners have already signed up to the Roddlesworth Roller on 8th March 2020. The Daffodil Doddle junior/fun run is also filling up nicely. If you fancy running the UK's oldest Mult-terrain race find out more here http://www.chorley-athletic-and-triathlon.org/web4/roller-doddle.php
CAAT Kit Night on 27th January at St Michael School