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The Chorley Athletic and Triathlon (CAAT) club bikes, turbos and wetsuits are to encourage the development and uptake of triathlon by making available equipment for members to try before the commitment to purchase. CAAT has various sizes of road bikes and wet suits which are aim mainly at junior members due to the sizes (for sizes and availability see links below). The CAAT/Chorley Cycle Club (CCC) turbos are used in group winter training sessions and they may be loaned to athletes if there are no formal training sessions.

To express an interest of loan equipment a senior member/parent/guardian/carer will need to read the terms and conditions below and complete the acknowledgement section. If intersted please make contact via Note the only personal data/details visible will be loan name of responsible member/person so it can be referenced on the CAAT equipment register (see link below).

Terms and Conditions

1. At the end of each bike loan they will be checked by a professional bike mechanic and serviced as appropriate before being loaned out again. All bikes are police water-marked for security
2. The equipment will be inspected at the end of the loan period and any issues raised / noted
3. The wetsuits will be stored hanging up, out of sun light after being washed with an appropriate cleaner

4. Equipment can be borrowed for three months or until another member expresses an interest to loan it
5. Equipment borrowed is at the risk of the loanee, who will be liable for any loss, damage or replacement in the event of accident or theft, etc.
6. Road bikes with 700mm wheels used for extended periods on a turbo trainer, the road type tyres may degrade quickly and it is advisable to purchase a specific turbo tyre type to prevent damage/ costs incurred on return
7. CAAT are not liable for any damages or injuries caused while riding a loan club bike / turbo or OW swimming
8. For cycling it is recommended that members wear a helmet, use bike lights and have at least 3rd party liability insurance through British triathlon membership or other insurance scheme
9. For open water (OW) swimming it is recommended that members swim within ability/conditions, at organised supervised water centres/ events. Float aids are recommended for unpartnered swimming or under 16-year olds
10. Wetsuits should be washed with fresh water after use, stored dry, hanging up and out of sunlight
11. Equipment loaned should not be adapted or changed and any equipment issues raised via coach or

Terms and Conditions

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