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Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians

As a responsible parent/person I will:
• Respect the rights and dignity of everyone involved in athletics and treat everyone equally.
• Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport in the best interests of the athlete.
• Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of banned or inappropriate substances.
• Never place undue pressure on children to perform, participate or compete.
• Take an active interest in my child’s participation.
• Attend training or competitions as required.
• Know exactly where my child will be and who they will be with at all times.
• Never make assumptions about my child’s safety.
• Ensure that my child does not take any unnecessary valuable items to training or competition.
• Inform my child’s coach of any illness or disability that needs to be taken into consideration.
• Provide any necessary medication that my child needs for the duration of trips.
• Ensure that any changes to drugs /medication are updated on Membermojo AND that the coach is informed.
• Assume responsibility for safe transportation to and from training and competition (coaches do not give lifts to athletes)
• Assume responsibility for safe transportation to and from training and competition.
• Take my child into the training venue and ensure they are with a coach before I leave.
• Be there on time to pickup my child and to come into the training venue and so take my child from the coaches supervision.
• Ensure all siblings remain with me if I remain during the training session, keeping them under control and not allowing them to interfere with the sessions.
• Complete and return any necessary written consent forms.
• Agree not to take photos of any Club training session.
• Accept that I can only upload pictures of my own child(ren) onto the CAAT website and social media sites.
• Report any concerns about mine or any other child’s welfare to the Club Welfare Officer; this doesn’t affect my right to contact social services or the police if I feel necessary.

As a responsible parent/guardian, when attending any athletics activities, I will:
• Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others.
• Never swear, use abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse.
• Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others.
• Be aware that my attitude and behaviour directly affects the behaviour of my child and others.
• Respect venues I use and leave them as I find them.
• Never carry or consume alcohol or illegal substances.
• Never carry items that could be dangerous to myself or others.

To view the full code of conduct document click CAAT Parent Conduct guidance.