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Junior Multievents

What is it all about?

Triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon is open to all ages from 8 upwards to adults including veterans. The club is affiliated to Triathlon England.

Various distances can be competed in dependant on age, the younger the athlete the less the distance. There are also 'sprint' events which help people to compete, but are even less distance to complete.

We as a club have qualified coaches on hand to cater for the needs of junior and senior athletes training in the three disciplines involved (swim, bike and run).

These take place on different nights at present with athletics on Monday and Thursday, junior cycling on Tuesday and junior swimming also on Thursday. The running sessions are run by the club's athletics coaches, and the cycling and swimming sessions are run by our Triathlon coaches. We currently have the following coaches within the Junior Triathlon section:

  • Steve Thomas - Lead Junior Triathlon Coach. Level 2 TE & Level 2 EA
  • Jonathan Grundy - Swim Coach. Level 2 TE
  • Jane Bowles - Assistant swim coach. Level 1 TE

  • As junior athletes within the club, juniors are able to take part in various events in the north west such as track and field, cross country and fell races. These are encouraged as well as the multi-event competitions for strength and competition practice.

    Training Sessions

    The swimming takes place at Brinscall baths Thursday 6-7pm (winter) and the only requirement is that a junior can swim at least 1 length of a 25m pool. Sessions are varied, and in the lighter months, running is also included within the session.

    Cylcing is based from St Michaels on Monday nights. Turbo training during the Winter months, and then out in the local park during Summer.

    Throughout the summer months we have great fun with the juniors involving them in lots of different cycling techniques to improve their skills and riding ability. This ranges from long rides from various locations, to the box of doom (slow riding within a circle of cones to see who is the last to either touch the ground or ride outside the cones), the kids rename this the box of death!!!!

    It's not all training, most of the juniors who train have competed in races in the format of triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon and are rapidly improving at all levels and age categories.

    Trips to the Velodrome in Manchester are planned and we hope to go a couple of times a year. The juniors have already taken on the guild wheel, a ride of about 21 miles round tracks near Preston.

    Maximum Distances for Junior Competition

    from Triathlon England guidelines

    Age groups - Triathlon England use age at 31st December of the current year as their marker for each age group.

  • Tristart - age 8
  • Tristar 1 - age 9-10
  • Tristar 2 - age 11-12
  • Tristar 3 - age 13-14
  • Youth - age 15-16
  • Junior - age 17, 18 and 19
  • Notes – TE = Triathlon England, EA = England Athletics