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Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Policy Statement

Chorley recognises :-

  • vulnerable children under 18 who, because of disability, age or illness are unable to protect themselves from harm or from being exploited.
  • vulnerable adults as over 18 who, because of disability, age or illness are unable to protect themselves from harm or from being exploited.
  • There are a number of ways in which vulnerable children and adults may be mistreated, harmed or distressed some less obvious than others. Indictors include:-

  • Physical Abuse - Including hitting, slapping, misuse of medication, undue restraint or inappropriate pressure to compete or train.
  • Sexual Abuse - Including rape and sexual assault or sexual acts to which children or vulnerable adults have not or could not consent and/or were put under pressure to consent.
  • Psychological Abuse - Including threats of harm, abandonment, humiliation, verbal, gender, homophobic or racial abuse, isolation or withdrawal from support by parents, carers, fellow athletes, coaches or volunteers.
  • Neglect - Including failure to access support services, not caring about risks, not giving prescribed medication, poor nutrition or lack of heating.
  • Racially Motivated Abuse - Can take any of the above form.
  • Stranger Abuse - A vulnerable child or adult may be abused by someone who they do not know, such as a stranger, a member of the public or a person who deliberately targets vulnerable people in order to exploit them.
  • Abuse can happen anywhere including their homes, Hospitals, Care Homes, Day Centres, Colleges, Supported Housing, work, in public eg. Coaching sessions, competition. Although the person responsible for the abuse is often known to the vulnerable child or adult, anyone can be an abuser e.g volunteers, relatives, friends neighbours, other athletes, coaches, occasional visitors or someone providing a service whilst vulnerable person is training or competing,

    Chorley’s Action Statement on Vulnerable Young People and Adults

    All members of Chorley -

  • Are opposed to all forms of discrimination based upon a persons vulnerability to physical, psychological, emotional pressures or neglect;
  • will educate and inform appropriate coaches, fellow athletes, carers and parents on ways to overcome known vulnerabilities;
  • will resist, challenge and were necessary use all legal powers to safeguard all vulnerable children and adults;
  • will ensure that all vulnerable people can train and compete in a safe environment.