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Junior Nab Fell Run 2019

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Date : Thursday 20th June 2019
Time : 19:00

Event Description

Out and back fell race using Healy Nab and surrounding fields.

Previous Results


A Brief History of Chorley Junior/Senior Fell Race 1982 - 2016

After securing welcome funding from George Hunt Plant Hire; the Chorley Junior/Senior Fell Races began in 1982. The Junior Race was a series of 4, night races (April, May, June, July) with the best 3 results determining overall positions. Races were run in all weather conditions; sunshine, wind, cloud, rain.

After a slow beginning with small attendances, things rapidly improved number wise; with a record attendance of 68 juniors in 1986. During the 1980’s, boys dominated the numbers, with girls well down with lower attendances. During 2016 this was reversed totally in girls favour, with boys lower down in runners competing. Also in 2016 new course records were attained (Boys Kian Davis 15.15; Girls Lydia Wilcock 16.42). In the 1980’s the boy's races became very competitive indeed with any one of 8 runners able to succeed. The girl's race was quite different, Nadine Truran was outstanding until the emergence of Debbie McQuillan levelled proceedings; with a brief one-off by Kath Ormerod over the Nab.

Back to 2016, not knowing what the response would be, after some patient fundraising, a position was reached to resurrect the Chorley Junior Fell Race, how well would it be supported? 43 runners started, 43 runners finished, ages ranging from 7 years to 14 years; really impressive for a course demanding considerable effort and concentration.

Some past winners include:
Boys: Paul Taberner, Wes Truran, Joe Duckworth, Paul Blake, Richard Smith, Chris Smith, Lee Kieran, Kian Davis. Thomas Roberts
Girls: Kath Ormerod, Nadine Truran, Debbie McQuillan, Lydia Wilcock.

2018 We are in a car dominated era - in the 1980’s car use was minimal. In 2016/17 Bagganley Lane, although normally a quiet residential area, has become busier with traffic, making safety first and absolute priority. So a new course has been investigated starting at Old Lane (opposite side of the road from the Lock and Quay Public House). The distance is the same, but with nowhere near the traffic encountered on Bagganley Lane, so it is much safer and more comfortable giving peace of mind to all concerned.

The Standards Created In 1982 For The Chorley Junior Fell Race
• Premier Class under 17m 30s
• First Class under 20m 00s
• Second Class under 25m 00s
• Standards Over

Boys Cairn Finish Age Year Records
Kian Davis 08:51 15:15 15 2016 CRB
Lee Kieran 09:15 15:28 14 1986 CRB14
Jack Lamb 09:50 16:42 10 2017 CRB10
Richard Smith 09:59 16:52 13 1986 CRB13
Thomas Roberts 09:53 16:52 13 2016 CRB13
Alan Elliot 10:18 17:36 1 1986 CRB12
Jack Lamb 10:20 17:38 9 2016 CRB9
Scot Heyworth 11:02 18:46 11 1985 CRB11
Robert Kellett 11:47 21:10 8 2016 CRB8
Joe Glew 13:46 24.40 7 2017 CRB7
Girls Cairn Finish Age Year Records
Lydia Wilcock 09:51 16:41 15 2017 CRG
Lydia Wilcock 09:50 16:42 14 2016 CRG14
Olivia Leigh 10:00 17:02 13 2017 CRG13
Olivia Leigh 10:05 17:07 12 2016 CRG12
Lucy Poole 10:40 18:00 11 2017 CRG11
Lauren Waddington 10:31 19:04 10 2016 CRG10
Eve Downham 12:04 20:00 9 2017 CRG9
Dawn Martindale 13:37 24:08 8 1986 CRG8
Josie Leigh 14:22 25.47 7 2017 CRG7



Entries from junior club members only to Stan Jewell before the event.